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Furniture restoration has been in the McGuire Family since Richard (Dick) McGuire began working with wood in the 1960s. Dick McGuire opened his refinishing shop in the Lawrenceville section of Pittsburgh in 1972, specializing in commercial and residential furniture.  His sons Mike & Glenn learned woodworking from their early years, training under their father's watchful eye. Both sons joined him full time in the 1980s. In 1991, The Final Touch, Inc. was born when Glenn began specializing in on-site furniture touch-up services, while Mike continued to work with their father. Shortly after the passing of Dick McGuire, Mike came on full time with The Final Touch, Inc. and The Final Touch, Inc. began offering refinishing services in addition to the on-site services previously offered.   The 3rd generation got involved when Nathan McGuire, Glenn's son,  entered the business full-time in 2012, after developing a passion for the craft while working part-time and summers for several years prior. 


McGuire men
We specialize in:
furniture refinishing and
on-site furniture touch-up
 We Also Do

Structural repair // Cosmetic Repair // Pick-up & delivery // Custom color matching // Veneer edge repair or replacement // Grommet installation // Power installation // Re-sizing of furniture // Furniture, doors, panelling & other woodwork

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